Monday, January 17, 2011


I am in a poemey mood:

Settles in my neck
Head won't turn

Burrows in my chest
Ache not burn

Buzzes in my head
Angry bees

Hunches forth my back
Weakens knees

Springs forth from my eyes
Salty hot

Criss crosses my skin
No wise thought

Wakes me in the night
Sticky sheets

Lingers in dawn's light
No retreat

Steals lungs of all air
Heart beats hard

Steals soul of its joy
Help me, Lord.


Settles in my soul
Shoots of spring

Burrows in my heart

Filters through my thoughts
Lightens load

Straightens up my spine
Not alone

Springs forth from my eyes

Rosy glow in cheeks

Hushes me to sleep
Angel's prayer

Lingers in dawn's light
Goodness there

Fills lungs breathing slows
Love not hard

Showers soul with joy
Thank thee, Lord

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