Monday, January 17, 2011

More Poetry

I just remembered one of my first poems. It has a funny story. Two of my good friends were down on guys. We had the opinion that they were all jerks. I wrote the following poem for them. Of the three of us, I was the only literary one. They had more of a mathematical bent and did not consider writing poetry as anything more than educational torture. One needed a poem for English class. She asked if she could turn mine in for her assignment. In typical high school girl fashion, I was delighted to help out a friend. It was surely not technically cheating as I had written it with her in mind. Then she found herself in a pickle as her teacher, who must have had a similar opinion of grown men as we had of high school boys, wanted to publish it in some High School Literary Magazine. She declined feigning humility. Oh, and to think, I could have been published:)

If you would like to buy a man
Here's the place to be
We've plenty to choose from
Complete with guarantee

Guaranteed to ruin your life
With no feelings of remorse
Ready to steal your heart
To return, broken, of course

We've more than just one style
And more than just one type
But all have common qualities
Like deceit and how to gripe.

So get your man today
And when you take him home
Just remember this, my dear,
It's guaranteed you'll be alone.

I might conclude that there were probably times in my life when the narrator of the poem and its author held similar views of the masculine sex. However, with the wisdom of age and experience (and thirteen years of marriage bliss) I can assure you that a current poem of the same title would differ in its description of men. :)

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