Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Body. My Choice.

"It is my body. The fact of the matter is I have earned the right to make this choice."

She was dressed in a tailored black suit with crisp white shirt. A scarf of delicate butterlies tied smartly at her throat. Her slender legs were elongated by her expensive black heels. She stood before the committee with a confidence beyond her years."Senators, Dr. Smith has presented much evidencde to the dangers, and I respect his expertise and concern. But, it is not his choice to make, nor is it yours. Mrs. Jones has raised concern for the children who she believes to be the primary target. But it is clear that case law supports the Health Clause to include Mental Health. What is best for me, regardless of the physical risks, must be outweighed by my own knowledge of myself: What is best for my mental well being.

And so I ask you again, ladies and gentlemen of the majority party, please do not pass this Comrehensive Anti-Smoking Bill."

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