Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Bit of This and That

I haven't posted in awhile and I feel guilty. So, true to its name here is a post about just this and that:

I love fall. Everything about it: The clothes, the food, the weather, the sports, the holidays, the smells, the leaves. the memories.

I got the exterior of my house repainted and all the wood rot fixed. I even had the deck replaced. It looks wonderful.

I cling to the notion that when you feel farthest from God is when He is closest to you. I wonder if this is true when you are pushing Him away.

I have two free days a week from 8am until 3pm and two free half days. You would think my house would be cleaner.

I do not miss homeschooling, but I miss teaching. Does this mean I will go back to work? NEVER.

I am sick of politics.

I learned today at the doctor's office that Martha Stewart still has a magazine. I used to love that thing.

I love boys. I was one of those rare teachers who loved teaching boys, middle school boys at that. But several times over the last few months I have looked at my daughters and gushed with love just because they are girls. A son a son 'til you get him a home, a daughter a daughter when you're all alone.

Confession is still the thing I love and hate the most. I hate going but I love it after I have gone.

I read The Alchemist. Worth reading.

I am a big fan of water color pencils. I have made a couple little projects involving children's fingerprints and water color pencils. Though not an artist, I liked the results.

I think that when it comes to God, there are few fair weather friends. Most of us show up in earnest during the storm.

When you have kids, you take trips not vacations. Vacation evokes images of rest, relaxation. My family had a vacation this year. How do I know? I liked my kids more at the end of the week than at the beginning. I didn't need a vacation when I got home to recover from the trip we had taken.

I used to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Now I am just a master jack ass. Don't ask me why I wrote that, but I like it.

If you are still reading me, I thank you. I wish I had more of worth to say. Maybe someday I will.

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