Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Thine Own Self Be True...NOT

My Father in Law bought us a subscription to a magazine called Touchstone. I like the magazine, but don't love it. Until today. There was an article that explained one of my greatest pet peeves. It is that Shakespeare's line "To thine own self be true" is by no means a series of words to live by. The article explains what has always been my complaint, that the Bard is not saying all of his famous lines. That Shakespeare, in fact, had his characters saying the lines. This particular line is said by a buffoon at the end of a string of ridiculous cliches meaning nothing. He is an opportunistic fool by the name of Polonius. He is by no means someone whose advice should be viewed as doctrine.

So check out the article in a few weeks at the archive of It isn't one of the featured articles you can read on line yet.

And PLEASE, unless you are perfect, find something higher than yourself to which to be true. :)

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