Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Perspective

Hustle and Bustle stores filled with toys
Jingle and Jangle heads filled with noise

House drowning in tissue, lights which don't work
Flour spread countertops 'til you might go bizerk

Page upon page of not to miss sales
Card upon card to be signed, sealed and mailed

Hustle and Bustle life filled with stress
Jingle and jangle house filled with mess

Music floating sweetly on air
Excitement of children almost too much to bear

Kindess in strangers, purple at mass
Evergreen smell, balls made of glass

Hustle and Bustle children's delight
Jingle and Janlge O HOly Night

Mess is replaced with a festive feel
House as home seems somehow more real

Finding the gift that says "You are dear"
Memories of friends who we write once a year

Hustle and Bustle a fire's red glow
Jingle and Jangle warm feelings flow

It's all how we see things, it's all how they sound
A time of annoyance or something profound

A time to reflect on troubles and pain
Or a time to be thankful and give it a name

Hustle and Bustle a world filled with joy
Jingle and Jangle for one divine boy.

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