Friday, September 25, 2009

The Hypocirisy of Evolution of a Species with an Endangered Species List

I have been thinking about the hypocrisy of radical environmentalists. They all seem to be ardent disciples of Evolution of a Species. Yet, they believe in the protection of endangered species. This doesn't seem to make any sense.

If man is just an evolved ape, why are we required to protect the less evolved. Beavers do not create laws to protect the fish, forest animals or natural environments that are affected by the building of their homes. Is it their responsibility to protect the fish who have not evolved enough to move in and out of the water? Are they responsible for the birds, bugs and creatures who find shelter and food in the trees they destroy to do what nature calls them to do?

And what of man? We give monkeys enormous props for being able to use simple tools. Making and using tools seems to be a huge factor in the determination of evolutionary status. I hate to mention it, but our tools put all others to shame. From the gun, to the back hoe, to cement, metal or the engine, we have figured out how to make tools like no other animal. In using these tools to manipulate the natural environment to our advantage, we are merely proving our place at the top of the evolutionary chain. Why are humans chastised by environmentalists for this evolutionary progress?

Why do we need to slow our evolution in order to protect the less evolved? Why do we need to protect animals who can not survive in the environment created by evolution? Isn’t that the whole idea of survival of the fittest? The fit will always adapt to the ever changing and survive. Those who can not adapt will die out or be replaced by a more evolved form.

Environmentalist call for man to be stewards of nature. We must not abuse our place at the top of the chain, but deny ourselves the opportunity to become more evolved in order to protect the natural world and the less evolved creatures in it.

Sometimes a self preservationist argument is made. If we do not protect our world, it will not be there for our future generations. This makes some sense. But it causes some problems too. If we are to survive, we would have to adapt to the environment our evolution had created. We would have to find new air or new water to replace what was destroyed through our own evolution. Animals do not protect their environments. They are required to change in order to meet the new challenges of an ever changing world. Those who can survive. Those who can’t don’t deserve to. Right?

Until the radical environmentalist know their first principals, they will continue to contradict themselves in absurd and dangerous ways. From a merely evolutionary perspective, we should first and foremost protect the survival of our own species. What animal has eaten its own healthy young in the mind boggling numbers as we and survived? What evolutionary doctrine protects the notion of abortion?

And in the end, man IS called to be a steward of nature. We are called to protect those who are weaker and less evolved than ourselves. But this is not a call from Mother Earth. This call is not rooted in survival of the fittest. It is in fact the greatest hypocrisy of the radical environmentalist. We are called to be stewards of nature, but it is a call from God.

If the entire doctrine of protection of the air, water and endangered species is rooted in a command from God to be good stewards of nature, does that not give some responsibility to give credence to His other commands? If not, then the radical environmentalists have no argument and should move out of the way as we cover our earth with concrete and steel, pollution and people and come up with technologies to replace the air, water and land we will eventually destroy. Or in the end, destroy ourselves and be replaced by something more evolved. I think the theory is that it would be the cockroach. And who are we to stand in his way?


  1. Love it!!! There is NOTHING that irks me more than a pro-choice animal rights advocate. Save the Whales!! Are you kidding me? Adopt a baby!!!

  2. The point of protecting species and not destroying habitats to serve our short-term interests is that all species are interconnected. When we act only in our own self-interest we often do so without all the information or without enough consideration being given to the contribution to the world ecology by all life forms. As far as the "hypocrasy" of not just allowing survival of the fittest to play out, give me a break. Humans are changing environments faster than even we can evolve to adapt. Have you wondered why so many people have allergies and chronic illnesses? Could it have something to do with our Human ingenuity which has prized efficiency of farming over sustainability, humane practices and biodiversity? The dominion you claim over all the world's resources is not god given, it is self serving and unsustainable. You don't see too many other species desecrating and destroying the very world that provides them with the means for life, at least not on purpose.

  3. Anonymous:

    The article is obviously tounge in cheek. Well, I thought obviously. Humans have a responsibility to take care of the world for the exact reason you fault them: Purpose. We we have been given dominion over that world precisely because we can think rationally and have the ability to choose wisely.

    I do not believe in evolution of the human species. I believe we were created with reason and will from the beginning. I also do not believe in survival of the fittest. I believe in Christian Charity.

    The article was mocking those who believe we evolved from apes into rational creatures through survival of the fittest and then expect evolved apes to act in a way contrary to their self proclaimed laws of the jungle with some sort of morality based on nothing.

    We should act with morlaity and rationally toward our fellow man and the world in which we live. To do so in order to sustain our world is more self-serving than what I am proposing. We should do so because it is simply the right thing to do. The Right thing to do is what God has asked us to do. Get it?

  4. Just a correction, evolution does not hold that we evolved from apes, but that we had a common ancestor with apes. I'm glads to read that this was TIC though, I missed that when I read it.